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  • History

    Diving is family tradition. Argos was founded in 1992 by the visionary Nereu Gouvêa. In 2001 his nephew Gandhi Gouvêa continued its professional diving activities. Always looking for technological innovations ahead of its time, Argos widened the horizons and radically specialized in hull cleaning and propeller polishing services. Currently, the company stands out for its agility and efficiency until the completion of services.

  • Mission, Vision and Values

    Mission: To provide agile underwater services that prioritize safety and quality, creating customer value and respect for human beings.
    Vision: To be the best specialized company in the segment of ship’s hull cleaning in Brazil.
    Values: Honesty, transparency, reliability, respect, security and innovation.

  • Quality

    Procedures Control: All stages of diving operations are performed within strict safety standards. All the equipment are checked to ensure high performance. Our services are recognized and certified by the Brazilian Port Authority and main Classification Societies of the world, DNV-GL.
    Technology: We are the only company in Brazil with embedded technology to perform the hull cleaning at outer anchorage in only 08-10 hours, under favourable weather conditions. High-tech equipment and our experienced staff guarantee the best service with excellent cost benefits.

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Propeller Polishing

A crusted propeller becomes heavier and causes more friction, compromising vessel's speed. Done with special diamond brushes, the propeller polishing is fundamental to keep its high performance.


Hull Cleaning

Sea grass and barnacles accumulated on the hull harm the ship performance, reducing vessel's speed and rising fuel's comsuption. Our balanced rotor brushes remove the waste layer without damaging the hull paint.



Tamponing is necessary to exchange valves and it is performed along with vessel's crew.


Thickness Measurement by Ultrasound

The wear of the hull and propeller's surface is a natural process and should be tightly controlled. Through high-tech equipment, we conduct ultrasound thickness measurement.


Hull Inspections

To ensure good sailing conditions and the safety of the crew and cargo, it is necessary regular inspections on the ship. We are specialists in underwater hull inspection with photos, video and CCTV - on line.

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